‘Phone hacking’ security firm linked to Scotland Yard forced to hand over secret informants list

‘Phone hacking’ security firm linked to Scotland Yard forced to hand over secret informants list

‘Scores’ of corrupt officers and Government officials may be named
Daily Mail / UK
by Michael Gillard
October 20, 2012
Probe: Metropolitan Police officers are demanding to see the list containing the identity of corrupt officers and Government officials


Detectives investigating illegal payments to police officers for inside information are demanding that a private detective agency hand over its list of paid confidential sources.

The list is held offshore and belongs to RISC Management, a London-based agency under investigation for allegedly bribing Metropolitan Police officers on behalf of wealthy clients.

It is believed the list may contain the identity of scores of corrupt officers and Government officials.

Evidence of a confidential source payment system was discovered among computer files and documents recently seized from RISC’s office by the Met’s anti-corruption squad. One invoice suggests that Risk Solutions, a management company in Gibraltar, is paid to keep the list of confidential sources secure.

The discovery is a significant breakthrough  in the Met’s year-long corruption probe.

When The Mail on Sunday learned about the list two weeks ago, detectives urged us to delay publication of the report while it carried out an operation last week. The Met refuses to say what steps it took, but a spokesman confirmed last night that detectives would force disclosure of the list through the courts unless RISC handed it over voluntarily.

The Mail on Sunday has spoken to former RISC insiders who described how the ‘source payment system’ worked.

Cash from a well-known bureau de change is couriered to RISC’s office and passed to a small group of senior executives who run and pay confidential sources.

Each source has a codename, for example T43, but only a few RISC executives know their real identity, which is recorded on the list.

The system was set up six years ago. It followed concerns expressed in an internal memo seen by this newspaper that RISC needed a way of dealing with the ‘time bomb’ of large cash payments to unidentified sources in the event of an official investigation into its affairs.

‘Plot’: The Mail on Sunday report in June that named RISC management for allegedly bribing Metropolitan Police officers



Anti-corruption detectives are examining allegations that two RISC executives bribed officers on an anti-money-laundering unit (SCD6) for information about the case they were building against their Nigerian client, James Ibori, a former state governor, and his British solicitor Bhadresh Gohil.

RISC invoices were sent anonymously to the Met and police watchdog last year. The invoices purportedly detailed £20,000 of payments between 2007 and 2008 to the SCD6 detectives and other ‘confidential sources’ associated with the Ibori prosecution.

In May, RISC chief executive Keith Hunter and former managing director Cliff Knuckey were arrested on suspicion of bribing SCD6 detective constable John MacDonald.


James Ibori, a former state governor had a case built against him


Hunter and Knuckey are former Met detectives. Knuckey trained MacDonald in anti-money- laundering techniques before he left the force in 2003. MacDonald was also arrested and has been placed on restricted duties. All three men deny the charges.

RISC maintains that Gohil fabricated the invoices to assist an appeal against the seven-year sentence he received in 2011 for money-laundering. Ibori pleaded guilty earlier this year and was jailed for 13 years.

However, The Mail on Sunday has learned of another significant discovery among RISC’s seized files that suggests the invoices are genuine.

It is an internal RISC email dated August 5, 2008, and titled ‘0382/C – Invoice Breakdown’.

Attached to the email is a two-page invoice detailing RISC’s work on the Ibori case (Project 0383/C) from March to May 2008.

One entry on April 8 reads: ‘Engaged with source in eliciting information re: forthcoming interviewing strategy to de [sic] deployed by Police.’ The next line records a £5,000 ‘Cash payment made to above source for information provided’.

The invoice is almost identical, including spelling mistakes, to those sent anonymously to the Met more than three years later.

Detectives believe the invoices they received in 2011 are authentic but are a later version, with details of RISC’s work on the Ibori and Gohil case included.

Knuckey maintains that Gohil fabricated the RISC invoices and denies making any corrupt payments.

He agrees that he recommended the offshore source payment system to Hunter but said none of his own confidential sources was registered this way. It is understood that Knuckey left RISC in 2009 after falling out with Hunter over a client invoice.

In a statement, RISC said: ‘RISC’s business relationship with Risk Solutions had no connection or role in respect of the James Ibori / Bhadresh Gohil case whatsoever. The business relationship related to historic and wholly unrelated clients of RISC, the details of which remain absolutely confidential to those clients.

‘Risk Solutions has never made any source payments for or on behalf of RISC for any purpose, in the same way that RISC has never made any unlawful payments to serving police officers.’


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Former Police Investigator Charged with Sexual Assault of 5-year-old

Former Police Investigator Charged with Sexual Assault of 5-year-old

River Valley River Staff
October 8, 2012


Mark Taylor, Former Police Investigator Charged with Sexual Assault of 5-year-old


Mark Taylor, 63 of Russellville, appeared in a bond hearing before Judge Don Bourne on Monday, October 8. Taylor, a former Pope County Sheriff’s Office Investigator who spent 25 years in law enforcement, was arrested on Friday, October 5, after being questioned by the Arkansas State Police concerning the sexual assault of a 5-year-old.

Judge Don Bourne accepted testimony from Ted Jones, a criminal investigator with the Arkansas State Police. Jones stated the investigation began on September 24, when the state police received a hotline report. The victim told investigators Taylor rubbed himself in front of her. The child was taken for a child forensic interview and during the interview the victim described to investigators what had occurred during the incident. 

In an interview on October 5, in a post-Miranda statement, Mr. Taylor admitted to intentionally committing the lewd act in the presence of the victim as she watched cartoons.

On Friday, October 5, Taylor was arrested after admitting to the crime and was transported to the Conway County Detention Center where he was held throughout the weekend awaiting the preliminary bond hearing. Taylor was transported and held at the Conway County Detention Center because he is a former employee and investigator for the Pope County Sheriff’s Office.

Judge Bourne stated that probable cause in the case was established and asked the prosecutor for the state’s recommendation for Taylor’s bond amount. The prosecutor for the state recommended Taylor’s bond to be set for $50,000. Judge Bourne issued Taylor the requested bond amount and ordered Taylor to have no contact with the family and the victim.

Just before 2 p.m., Monday, October 8, Taylor posted bond and was released from custody. He will appear in before Circuit Judge William Pearson on November 5.


Direct Link:  http://www.rivervalleyleader.com/content/former-police-investigator-charged-sexual-assault-5-year-old

City investigator charged with domestic violence

City investigator charged with domestic violence


Pittsburgh – Post Gazette
September 20, 2012

The Office of Municipal Investigations (OMI)


An investigator with Pittsburgh’s Office of Municipal Investigations has been charged with simple assault stemming from a domestic violence incident at her home early Sunday.

Pittsburgh police said Kelly Henretty, 42, of Overbrook, caused scratches to a man’s face when she pushed past him in an attempt to get inside their bedroom, where she had accused him of hiding another woman, according to a criminal complaint.

The man, Jeffery Larkin, told responding officers that he was having an argument with Ms. Henretty and he wanted her to leave. Police wrote in the complaint that they could see him bleeding from the mouth and he had scratches on his forehead. Ms. Henretty, they noted, had no visible injuries.

“Due to Larkin’s statements and injuries, Henretty was placed into custody for domestic violence,” the complaint says. A police supervisor was advised of the arrest because Ms. Henretty noted that she is a city employee.

Ms. Henretty has been employed by the city since January 2002, according to a roster of city employees. She remains on the job, which includes investigating civilian complaints against city employees, including police officers and firefighters.

Hackers steal thousands of student records from computers at Florida college

Hackers steal thousands of student records from computers at Florida college

The hack at the Northwest Florida State College is believed to be a job by professional outside hackers


Computer World
by John Ribeiro
October 10, 2012


North West Florida College HACKED!


IDG News Service –

An information breach at a Florida college has compromised information of about 279,000 students and employees, the Florida Department of Education said on Wednesday.

In a statement earlier on Monday, Northwest Florida State College in Niceville said a breach in the security of the college’s computer systems had compromised the personal information of some 3,200 current and retired college employees.

The employee data was breached between May 21 to Sept. 24 by outsiders, and the personal information of employees that was compromised included name, birth date, employee direct deposit bank routing and account number information, and Social Security number, the college said.

But by Wednesday, the college reported that it found on further investigation that the incident involved more than 3,000 employee records, some of which contain confidential financial information, about 76,000 Northwest College student records containing personal identification information, and another 200,000 records with information including names, Social Security numbers, dates of birth, ethnicity, and gender for students across the state who were eligible for Bright Futures scholarships for the 2005-06 and 2006-07 school years.

Local, state and federal agencies are investigating the incident, the department of education said.

“While some of the contact information is dated, we will be trying to reach every student whose records may have been captured,” said Florida College System Chancellor Randy Hanna in a statement.

At least 50 employees were hit by identity thefts as a result of the breach, college president Ty Handy said in a memo to employees on Monday. Hackers accessed one folder with multiple files on the main server, and were able to piece together the information required for the identity theft by working between files, although no one file had a complete set of personal information regarding individuals, he said.

“We speculate this was a professional, coordinated attack by one or more hackers,” Handy added. The college is part of Florida’s system of 28 public state and community colleges.


Direct Link:  http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9232276/Hackers_steal_thousands_of_student_records_from_computers_at_Florida_college?taxonomyId=82


Raleigh church’s choir director accused of statutory rape

Raleigh church’s choir director accused of statutory rape


WRAL.com News
Reporter: Amanda Lamb
Photographer: Terry Cantrell
Web Editor: Kelly GardnerOctober 15, 2012


Body of Christ Church (NC) Choir Director James Earl Wright, accused of Statutory Rape!


Knightdale, N.C. —

Knightdale police are investigating child sex allegations against a church choir director.

John Earl Wright, 31, the choir director of Body of Christ Church in Raleigh, was arrested Thursday on one count of statutory rape/sex offense as well as two counts of giving spirituous liquor to a person under age 21.

The alleged crimes happened Thursday at Wright’s home, at 2109 Rosebud Drive in Knightdale, with a 14-year-old girl, Knightdale Police Chief Jason Godwin said Monday.

It appears Wright knew the girl through the church, but Godwin would not say exactly how.

“There’s some type of relationship there,” he said. “We’re unsure of exactly what that relationship is.”

Knightdale police were alerted early Friday morning after the girl told her mother.

“We were informed by family members of the victim, we initiated the investigation in the wee hours of the morning, and we were able to make an arrest that same day,” Godwin said.

Wright was in the Wake County jail Monday afternoon under a $500,000 bond.

Calls seeking comment from the church’s pastor, Kelvin Redmond, were not immediately returned Monday.

Police are encouraging anyone else who may have been a victim to come forward.

“The worst thing we can do is hide an inappropriate behavior, especially one that involves our children,” Godwin said.


Direct Link:  https://www.wral.com/raleigh-church-choir-director-accused-of-statutory-rape/11655312/