“Happens More Often Than You Believe”: Another parent murders baby by microwave: 4th known case occurs in Sacramento

Another parent murders baby by microwave: 4th known case occurs in Sacramento

Stockton Headlines Examiner
Nor Cal News 
June 22, 2011

Another infanticide death is suspected in the Northern California city of Sacramento. Ka Yang, a 29-year-old mom, was arrested yesterday on two felony counts for the death of her 6-week-old baby girl. Investigators allege that the mom of four put her infant into the family microwave and cooked her baby to death. Yang will appear in court on Thursday.  This is the fourth known case of microwaving an infant in the country. Details of the previous three cases are below.




More information on the Yang case available here.


The most recent conviction in a death by microwave case was handed down only last month when an Ohio mom, China Arnold, was found guilty of aggravated murder of her 28-day-old baby. The Huffington Post reports that prosecutors have said Arnold, 31, intentionally put the baby in the microwave after a fight with her boyfriend. The initial incident occurred in 2005 but Arnold faced three trials prior to the conviction in May of this year and has been sentenced to death.

A 19-year-old dad in Texas eventually admitted to putting his 2-month-old daughter in a hotel microwave in 2007 after being frustrated. Joshua Maudlin’s son survived the torture which was determined to last from 10 to 20 seconds and was treated for third-degree burns. She was said to have had to have a portion of her ear amputated and several skin grafts. A news station reports that Maudlin called 911 saying the baby was burned with hot water. The baby’s mom claimed her husband was overtaken by the Devil. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison.



In 1999, Elizabeth Otte, a 19-year-old Virginia mom, was also charged with murder when her infant son was actually found dead in the microwave. The baby was recovered from the household appliance by a family member. The Washington Post reports the defense position held that the mom mistook her baby for a bottle of milk that she was warming in the microwave due to an epileptic disorder. Otte received 5 years for the death, still claiming no memory.



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