JKB UPDATE: Joseph K Black plagiarizes Gregory D Evans (WOW!)

Joseph K Black plagiarizes Gregory D Evans

By Meme Monkey, on August 21st, 2011

Famous for books that are 99.3% plagiarized, security charlatan Gregory D Evans has, for once, had his work stolen out from under him. Joseph K Black has adopted Gregory D Evans’ methods.

Black has cited his doubtful “expertise” as a reason for people to pay attention to him. Joseph K Black is unapologetic about his obvious intellectual theft from Gregory D Evans, just as Evans embraces his place as a plagiarist.


twittershot Joseph K Black plagiarizes Gregory D Evans 

Twitterrific is a Mac-only Twitter client, final proof of Gregory D Evans’ fraudulent computer expertise.


Gregory D Evans obviously doesn’t care that he’s a plagiarist, as long as he gets his attention. He’s made many contradictory and uninformed comments for reporters who think he’s an expert on Anonymous or computer security.


Segment Video


This is a challenge to Joseph K Black: Step up your game if you want to outdo Gregory D Evans.



Direct Link: http://www.chronicle.su/news/joseph-k-black-plagiarizes-gregory-d-evans/


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